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What’s GODO about? To answer that, we made a really beautiful ‘about us page’. It had everything: client logos, a big about us description, infographics, our past work, our address, little team pictures. You’d look at it and say “Yep, that’s an About us page.” So we killed & deleted the entire page.


Here’s why – we don’t want an About us page you’ll just pass by. Sure, we create them. If you need an About us page we’ll get one made for you.


But this new digital era is about potential and the ability to completely redefine what your brand is about, how you connect with your audience as never before, re-shape your entire business, differentiate from the bunch, empower and transform into something unique.


Oh well, we know this is still an ‘About us page’ – but in reality, the About us page you were looking for is depreciating in value. Since we’re about to become friends we are obliged to tell you that the original About us page is being left behind by evolution like the Encyclopedia books along with the brands that are stuck repeating the same old shit every now and then.


Lets work together in telling the world what you’re about in ways you never imagined.


Do you want to change the way people perceive your business?  That’s what we specialise in.

We love working on new & exciting projects

Let’s build something amazing together! Reach out and say hello.

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